Obtain documents copies

Getting your ACCESS TO INFORMATION GCMS NOTES may be helpful in various situations. Did you know that apart from just notes themselves you may receive all the documents which CIC has in possession in your personal file? That is right; copies of almost all of the documents which you submitted to CIC could be obtained via the special request. 
You could get copies of your employment references submitted for visa or immigration, forms which were sent on paper, language test results, bank statements and many more.
One of the most common reasons why you may need those is re-application or simply another application which you have to prepare for immigration authorities in Canada. For instance, you applied for study permit a few years ago, came to Canada, have graduated and now prepare your application for immigration. You should be aware that your application has to be in line with the previous submission and be consistent. In case you have lost documents submitted for the initial study permit or simply do not keep copies of them, ordering ACCESS TO INFORMATION GCMS NOTES with documents would be the best solution for you.
You would receive your electronic file snapshot with all officers’ notes and observations as well as all the documents which CIC has on you.
Simply order the ATI notes with documents via our simple form and receive the complete package shortly.

Check application status

Would you like to know what is going on with your immigration or visa file? Why processing takes so long?
The easiest way to answer these questions is to order ACCESS TO INFORMATION GCMS NOTES and track the progress. Chances are, you may need to send additional documents to CIC or address specific officers’ concerns proactively.
Reading tens of pages of your ACCESS TO INFORMATION (ATI) file would help you to understand your case progress and at which stage it is now.
It is also quite possible to have file stuck in processing due to various reasons. Ordering ACCESS TO INFORMATION (ATI) may help you to move it forward simply because every request is processed by human and officers could take actions on the case with past due date.
If you need help with your ACCESS TO INFORMATION (ATI) file reading and understanding, contact us today. We would be happy to help.

Prepare for further steps

When you receive ATI notes you may see the upcoming stages of your immigration or visa file processing.
It could be anything from the coming medical forms to the interview arrangements. For example, an officer decides to call an applicant for an interview to clarify discrepancies in reference letters. You would be able to see in ACCESS TO INFORMATION (ATI) file that the interview is coming and be able to prepare well in advance, e.g. arrange needed documents, letters from employers.
You will be able to read in your ACCESS TO INFORMATION (ATI) file when your immigration or visa file will be taken for further processing, what are the next stages and may estimate how long it might take CIC to finalize your case.
If you need help understanding what is written in your files and what to do next, you could always come to us for assistance. We would also be glad to help you getting copies of documents you submitted with your file, just in case you have lost them or simply need another copy.

See actual refusal reasons

If your permanent or temporary visa to Canada has been refused, you would need to understand actual reasons which led to an officer’s decision to deny your visa application.
Due to various reasons which include the high volume of visa applications immigration and visa authorities simply cannot explain their decision to every applicant. So what an applicant gets is a standard refusal letter where an officer simply checks boxes against standard rejection scenarios. This letter does not provide all the necessary details which could be used for re-application preparation nor does it provide enough information to make an application to the Court.
The only way to get the required data and understand actual refusal reasons is to order ACCESS TO INFORMATION GCMS NOTES. This simple process would allow you to obtain detailed case history including officers’ observations, reasoning and interview notes.
Carefully reading and analyzing your ACCESS TO INFORMATION GCMS NOTES after visa to Canada refusal would help you to prepare for re-application and significantly increase your chances for success.
Need help understanding your refusal reasons and ACCESS TO INFORMATION GCMS NOTES? Feel free contacting us. We would be glad helping you to see how to change your situation and receive a visa to Canada.

Get legal advice

If you have issues with your application, need help reading ACCESS TO INFORMATION GCMS NOTES or simply do not know what to do next, contact our immigration team today.
We would be glad to help you addressing your needs and would try assist in your situation however difficult it might be. Our team understands how stressful immigration process could be and we would do everything to help you navigate through the legal procedures and advise on what to do next.
Should there be a need for a Court appeal, our legal team would also be glad to help you. From a basic legal advice to complex and comprehensive case management you may rely on our legal experts.

Understand your file

Understanding your immigration or visa file is crucial for making sure that your case is processed as planned.
Ordering ATI (formerly CAIPS) notes would allow you to receive the most detailed, up to date official information from immigration authorities. This process is absolutely legal and gives you a rightful tool for looking into your file.
Usually, ATI notes arrive in a form of a pdf document with tens of pages of useful information including interview notes, officers’ observations, and reasons for decisions and so on. You could use them to receive a legal opinion from a licensed immigration specialist, prepare for the future steps and arrange additional documents which could be requested by CIC.
Order your notes today and receive full ATI report via email.