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Canada is home to one of the best school systems in the world. Individuals who study in Canada receive quality, internationally-respected education. Not only that, but studying in Canada is also a popular way to secure permanent residence.
There are a range of programs from which international students can apply for permanent immigration, without even obtaining a job offer from a Canadian employer.

In addition, international students in Canada may:

  • Work up to 20 hours per week while in school, and on a full-time basis during school breaks.
  • Obtain a Post-Graduation Work Permit for the equivalent duration of the studies once the program is successfully completed.
  • Bring spouse or common-law partner to Canada on an open full-time work permit.
  • Bring minor children to study in Canada.
  • Become eligible for Canadian permanent residence.

Many Provincial Nomination Programs (PNPs) and other immigration programs encourage international students to stay in Canada after their studies are completed.

If you have been studying in Canada as an international student, your province may have a PNP category that makes you eligible for fast-track Canadian permanent residence. Some provinces allow international graduates to make an application to their PNP, even if they didn’t study in that province.

A recent report shows that the immigrants with Canadian study and work experience make more money than immigrants who received their education abroad. Studying in Canada before immigrating could fulfill your dream of financial success.

Prince Edward Island, province in Canada, introduces a unique study program exclusively for international high school students known as Prince Edward Island International Student Program (PEI ISP).
This program is applicable for international students up to grade 12.The province prefers students with ages 16 and up.

All students must have a minimum level of English proficiency (written and spoken), and provide the following:

  • A narrative detailing the student’s prior experience speaking and/or studying in English; and
  • A 200-300 word unedited written document (free-form essay) on a subject of the applicant’s choosing; and
  • English Language Assessment (e.g. IELTS overall score of minimum 6.0), if available.

The final decision on language ability will be made by the provincial PEIISP office.
Before you applyfor a study permit, you need:

  • an acceptance letter from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI)
  • a valid passport or travel document

You also must:

  • prove that you have enough money to pay for your:
    • tuition fees
    • living expenses for yourself and any family members who come with you to Canada and
    • return transportation for yourself and any family members who come with you to Canada
  • You may have to provide a police certificate.
  • You may need to complete a medical exam.
  • Convince an immigration officer that you will leave Canada at the end of your studies.

Be advised that certain countries may require additional documents.  They would need to confirm what these might be in order to submit a complete application.

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