Settlement Services Package

One of the unique services offered by Fast to Canada is providing all newcomers with absolute settlement service in Canada, which includes;

  • Prepare them for the arrival at the Canadian port of entry
  • Picking-up from the airport
  • Provide them with a physical address to be given to the immigration officer once they arrive to the Canadian port of entry to receive their permanent residency
  • Assist them in finding a suitable temporary accommodation in Canada before their arrival (hotel or furniture apartment)
  • Picking-up from the airport and drive them to their temporary residency
  • Facilitate and prepare their necessary residency identifications (SIN cards, Health insurance cards, bank accounts, credit cards, local cellular phone, driver license, child tax benefit, RESP).Providing advice to clients interested in buying a house and helping them in finding a suitable one
  • Advising interested clients on business and investment opportunities in Canada

Fast to Canada has been providing all newcomers clients with all the facilitation to help them settle in Canada and specifically in the GTA since 2003.