Self-employed persons

The Self-Employed Persons Program is open to individuals with self-employed experience as farmers, athletes (at an international level), or artisans.
The Program seeks to attract applicants who have the intention and ability to become self-employed in Canada. Self-employed persons are required to have either:

  • Relevant experience that will make a significant contribution to the cultural or athletic life of Canada or
  • Experience in farm management and the intention and ability to purchase and manage a farm in Canada.

Points are awarded for relevant experience within the five-year period immediately preceding the date of application.
Relevant experience consists of at least two years of experience either self-employed or participating at a world class level in art, culture, recreation, or sport activities designated by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)
Applicants who wish to purchase a farm must have at least two years of farm management experience.
Applicants are also assessed based on their education, experience, age, English/French language ability, and adaptability.
Professional Occupations in Art and Culture

  • Librarians
  • Conservators and Curators
  • Archivists
  • Authors and Writers
  • Editors
  • Journalists
  • Professional Occupations in Public Relations and Communications
  • Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters
  • Producers, Directors, Choreographers and Related Occupations
  • Conductors, Composers and Arrangers
  • Musicians and Singers
  • Dancers
  • Actors and Comedians
  • Painters, Sculptors and Other Visual Artists

Technical and Skilled Occupations in Art, Culture, Recreation and Sport

  • Library and Archive Technicians and Assistants
  • Technical Occupations Related to Museums and Art Galleries
  • Photographers
  • Film and Video Camera Operators
  • Graphic Arts Technicians
  • Broadcast Technicians
  • Audio and Video Recording Technicians
  • Other Technical and coordinating Occupations in Motion Pictures, Broadcasting and the Performing Arts
  • Support Occupations in Motion Pictures, Broadcasting and the Performing Arts
  • Announcers and Other Broadcasters
  • Other Performers
  • Graphic Designers and Illustrators
  • Interior Designers
  • Theatre, Fashion, Exhibit and Other Creative Designers
  • Artisans and Craftsperson
  • Patternmakers – Textile, Leather and Fur Products
  • Athletes
  • Coaches
  • Sports Officials and Referees
  • Program Leaders and Instructors in Recreation, Sport and Fitness

Individuals interested in immigrating to the Province of Quebec should note that the province has a separate selection system for self-employed persons.

Quebec Business Immigration – Self-Employed

The Quebec Self-Employed category grants qualified individuals the opportunity to obtain a Permanent Resident Visa provided that they can effectively establish themselves in Quebec by practicing a trade or profession for their own account.
Criteria & Requirements

    • Intended destination:   Quebec
    • Work:   Come to Quebec to create your own job by practicing a profession or trade on your own account.
    • Minimum Net Worth:   Have legally acquired a minimum of CAD$100,000 in net worth, alone or with the help of their spouse or common-law partner in the event that the spouse or common-law partner is accompanying.
    • Qualifying Experience: Have acquired a minimum of two years’ experience in the profession or trade that they intend to practice after establishing themselves in Quebec.
    • Miscellaneous: Medical examination and a security background check.