Obtain citizenship and passport within 3 months of Antigua and Parboda
Fast To Canada is an authorized agent of a government produced to market the investment citizenship program
at an initial cost of US $ 180,000
A beautiful tourist island in the Caribbean Sea, with a moderate average of about 28 degrees. The length of the year is 100,000 inhabitants. We call them 10,000 Syrians, who emigrated in ancient times and occupy large economic and political centers. The island has government schools, free hospitals, an American university and Canadian banks. The country consists of two islands. With the UAE is subject to the Waltham Queen and Queen of the British and there is prime minister of government and administrative system is very similar to the system of Canada and there is great cooperation between the two governments suitable for good living for those who wish and there are areas of work in real estate and tourism and passport qualify holder to enter Europe and Paris Tania, Canada and many other countries without Fez, the only country in the Caribbean that enabled the holders of their nationality to enter Canada without FezThere are very profitable real estate projects where there are the nicest and largest tourist resorts such as Sandals and many other palaces and marinas for the rich world because of sandy beaches beautiful and there are many beaches need to invest in itFor further details please follow up with
Osama Obeid