Legal opinion service

Legal opinion service

What would I get?

You will receive the detailed snapshot of your immigration or visa file from CIC and professional case analysis from the certified Canadian immigration practitioner (lawyer or ICCRC consultant). This option could be very useful if you have applied for immigration yourself and would like to receive an advice from an expert.

What would I need to proceed?

You would need to know your file number

File number is a unique identification of your immigration or visa case. This number is always used when CIC communicates with you.
You may find this number on the first page of the document CIC sends to you. Very often, this number is quoted in an email sent to you from CIC.
If your visa application has been rejected, your file number would be written at the top of the first page of rejection letter.
Here are a few examples of file numbers: V123456789 – visitor visa application (Temporary resident visa or TRV); W123456789 – Work Permit application, S123456789 – Study Permit applications. Permanent residency application numbers usually start with B or E (EP for Provincial programs) or F for Family Sponsorship applications.

If you do not have your visa application number because it was lost or you haven’t received the number from CIC yet, you could order ACCESS TO INFORMATION (ATI) notes just with your full name and date of birth.
Quite often if your application was sent by mail you may have no file number too. In this case you could also process with ACCESS TO INFORMATION (ATI) request without mentioning this number. Simply leave the field blank when filling up the request form and we will process your order.

* Where can I get it   * I do not have a file number

Your full first and last name spelled exactly as in your application

Your date of birth

If you have a spouse included in your application, you’d have to know his/her name and date of birth too

How can I pay?

Legal opinion service $200