Caribbean Passport

You and your family will obtain an irrevocable second passport and dual citizenship without having to move away or renounce your current nationality. The law of the Citizenship-by-Investment and Second Program of Antigua and Barbuda was established in 2013. The passport is internationally recognized and includes all Schengen countries. Dual citizenship or second passport is obtained in an approximate period of 3 months.
Antigua & Barbuda’s passport is ranked as the 31st strongest passport in the world.
The program is based on the statute which means the granted citizenship and passport may not be revoked regardless of changes in the governmental executives or policy. Antigua and Barbuda is part of the Commonwealth since 1981 and its official business language is English.
Timeline: 3 – 5 months
Nationalities supported: Open to most nationalities
Visa free travel: Instant visa-free travel to 129 countries, including the Schengen area countries, the United Kingdom, Singapore, and Hong Kong
Types of Passports

  • Adult Passports – These passports are issued to any adult who is a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda. The persons are over the age of sixteen years old and the passports are valid for ten years.
  • Minor Passport – These passports are issued to any citizen of Antigua and Barbuda, who is a child under the age of sixteen years of age. The passports are valid for five years.
  • Diplomatic Passports – These passports are issued to an authorized set of persons who represent Antigua and Barbuda in diplomatic and other international affairs such as Ministers of Government.
  • Official Passports – This type of passport is issued to government officials who are representing Antigua and Barbuda’s Interest overseas.

Citizenship Benefits

    • Beautiful Caribbean country with white sand and blue waters for exotic holidays.
    • Lifetime citizenship for family and children with one time investment.
    • Direct citizenship in Caribbean country.
    • Visa free travel to EU Schengen countries including UK and Ireland.
    • No wealth, inheritance, personal income taxes.
    • No personal visit required
    • No requirement to live in Antigua before or after getting citizenship.
    • No interviews, business experience or language tests.
    • Fast 3 months processing time for citizenship.
    • Best second passport for travel.
    • Free movement in the Caribbean CARICOM countries.
    • Freely hold dual or multiple citizenship with other countries.