Fast to Canada Immigration Corporation is a licensed Canadian consultancy office based in Mississauga, Ontario in Canada. We provide consulting services in Immigration, Finance and Investment to help you relocate, resettle, and establish a better future for you and your family in Canada. Depend on us for helping you before and after your arrival in Canada, and moreover helping you achieve your future dreams.  
Fast to Canada Commitment: Fast to Canada is committed to providing the best results for our clients in a creative, cost-effective and fast way. Our clients receive solid advice concerning immigration to Canada based on a thorough understanding of each client’s particular needs, in addition to timely service. Fast to Canada is dedicated to responding promptly to client needs.  Fast to Canada Offers: Fast to Canada offers an excellent quality when it comes to preparing your application, preparing the required documents, preparing the file professionally and submitting it to the immigration department, following up with them to reach the most recent interview date, assisting you in preparation of your interview according to your category of application and helping you with the medical checkup procedures till you receive your immigration visa without any errors that might delay your file.
We are proud that FTC provides services for you inside Canada after your landing to facilitate your settling and living in Canada which no other immigration office provides.  Fast to Canada Assistance from A-Z, the procedures and the steps, to prospective candidates who are interested in living, working and settling in Canada as professionals (independents), investors or direct family sponsorship. Professionals of FTC, have many years of experience in information and procedures for the new comers. They assisted and served many prospective new comers in the complex process of living and working in one of the best countries in the world: Canada.
If you choose our firm, our experts will team up to provide you with an application package that will reflect your excellence as a candidate to the authorities and eventually to provide you with the best services to relocate in Canada. Special programs are available for people who wish to take advantage of the Business opportunity Program and the comprehensive relocation process and services made available to you by FTC. FTC’s objective is to offer you the best quality guidance available to ensure you complete satisfaction